I’m sure by now that the rumors are flying around the halls of CHS—but yes, I am leaving Canisius and will not be back for the 2003 – 2004 school year.  It was my decision to leave-- I was offered a job with North Tonawanda High School instead, and I accepted it.  It will be a different experience, but I am looking forward to it.  After all, as a teacher, I must torture as many students as I can during this lifetime.  It wouldn’t be fair to share the love with CHS only. J


I was looking forward to seeing you all again this year, to see what changes the summertime brought to you – to see how much taller you’d grown, how much longer your hair would be, to see how you would enjoy Senior Privileges, etc.  I’m sorry to miss the chance at having some of you in the Italian class.  I had a lot of things planned for this year, but I suppose it was just not meant to be.  Yes, in some strange way I will miss you (except maybe Barill.... just kidding).  I’ll miss 6th period’s obsession with monkeys, seeing Barill in Victoria’s Secret pajamas, watching Velocci massacre everyone in Chiles vs. Anchoas, and getting Parrish Bradley all worked up about....well, about everything.  And so much more.

Anyway, this is my “Adios” and “Buena Suerte” to you.  I hope to see some of you over the course of the school year at Club Luna—I will be sure to send CHS an invitation to the Luna nights through Ms. Peterson & Ms. Soto.  If there are questions or problems with the websites, or if you just want to say “hola” during the year, you can reach me at  SenoritaConnell@hotmail.com .Best of luck to you this year, and perhaps I’ll see you at Graduation.

Study Hard,

Ms. Connell