Canisius High School                                                                                         Español 3

Señorita Connell                                                                                              19 diciembre 2002

Test Outline                                                                                                   Unit 3



Due to my illness, your Unit 3 test has been moved to Tuesday, January 7, 2003. This will allow us to review together in class (after the Break) on Monday, January 6th.  Plan accordingly! Use the topic outline below to help you prepare for the test.


·     Vocabulary:  all unit 3 vocabulary on your sheet

·     Present subjunctive of regular verbs

·     Present subjunctive of TOP 5 irregulars (SIDES)

·     Haber in the subjunctive—él/ella/ud. form ONLY (haya)

·     Subjunctive of verbs ending in –gar, -car,-zar (endings change to –gue, -que, -ce ,respectively)


·     Listening comprehension section based on vocabulary

·     Matching vocabulary

·     Grammar:  fill-in-the-blanks,  short answer questions, translations, & short essay (all based on subjunctive verbs)