Skeletal Review Outline  (exercises are forthcoming- be patient!)

The following topics can be found either online via the class site, or in your textbook   - use the site & the  Puentes index to find what you need!


Household vocabulary : rooms of the house & items found within them (as well as prepositions of location – next to, in front of, behind, etc.)


Clothing vocabulary

Travel vocabulary

Body parts

Family vocabulary

Restaurant & food vocabulary

Seasons & weather vocabulary


Los números

La fecha

La hora


Las comparaciones de igualdad y de desigualdad

El pretérito y el imperfecto

El presente progresivo (estar + -ando/-iendo)

Los pronombres de objeto directo

Los pronombres de objeto indirecto


Los mandatos formales (de usted/ustedes)à for giving orders or directions

El subjuntivo con verbos de influenciaà to suggest, recommend , insist or advise

El subjuntivo vs el indicativo

Ser vs estar

El presente perfecto del indicativoà to indicate what someone/some people  has/have done previously



Use your presentation themes as a guide! Familiarize yourselves with first-day introductions (ex: work or school);  planning a trip & describing your activities as you travel;  a doctor/patient or student/teacher conversation in which recommendations or suggestions are made by one subject to another; think about how to describe a childhood memory/ the best or worst day of your life/ a trip you took.