The following study materials are recommendations ONLY, and are not required texts. Online dictionaries are readily available on the internet, but that restricts your usage to the dorms/ home/computer labs. Because of this, I would hope that you would invest a few dollars in a decent Spanish-English Dictionary. It is an invaluable tool and helps accelerate vocabulary acquisition, and it is one that can be used anywhere, especially IN CLASS.

All texts can be found in the University bookstore, or through online vendors such as or .


Suggested dictionaries:

Harper-Collins Spanish-English Dictionary

The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary

Larousse Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary (excellent value -$5.95 ! )


Grammar Supplements:

Practical Spanish Grammar: A Self-Teaching Guide , 2nd edition. Marcial Prado. John Wiley & Sons: New York. 1997


Schaumís Outlines : Spanish Grammar . 4th edition. Conrad J. Schmitt . McGraw-Hill: New York. 1999



For future reference, here are some of the better Online Dictionaries at your disposal:

Diccionario Anaya

Spanish Dictionary with audio pronounciation

Babylon Online Dictionary (Warning: this site is in Portuguese, though common sense will probably help you figure out where to type in your info, and which language to select from the drop-down menu. This is a very good site!)



For reading and vocabulary practice, try :

UB LiTgloss site : Here you will find a variety of short stories and poems in various languages, annotated by graduate students and other members of the Modern Languages Department. Choose ĎSpanish", and then choose a story or poem, and experience the thrill of LiTgloss!