There are six general subject pronoun areas to be aware of when studying Spanish. These areas cover: the first, second and third person singular, as well as the first, second, and third person plural. The subject pronouns are as follows:



Yo - I Nosotros/as - We
Tú - You, informal Vosotros/as - You all, informal
Él, ella, usted - He, She, You formal Ellos, ellas, ustedes - Them, You all

Each subject pronoun will have its own special verb conjugation. The only exceptions would be the Él, ella usted and the Ellos, ellas, ustedes category. All three subjects in the third person singular area (Él, ella, usted) share the same verb conjugation. The third person plural area (Ellos, ellas , ustedes) share their own form as well.

Hablar to speak
Yo hablo Nosotros/as hablamos
Tú hablas Vosotros/as habláis
Él, ella, usted habla Ellos, ellas, ustedes hablan