Prepositional Pronouns

Prepositional pronouns are pronouns which follow a preposition, and are related to it. It often answers the question whom? or what? after the preposition.

Examples: John is talking with Mary. John está hablando con Mary.
Lucinda works for Microsoft. Lucinda trabaja para Microsoft.
This gift is for you. Este regalo es para ti.
The class is pleasing to the students. A los estudiantes les gusta la clase.



The Pronouns:

Subject Pronoun Definition
Yo me
ti you
Él/ella/usted él, ella, usted him, her, you
Nosotros/as nosotros/as us
Vosotros/as vosotros/as you
Ellos/ellas/ustedes ellos,ellas,ustedes them, them, you all

**Note that the prepositional pronouns are the same as your subject pronouns, with the exception of and ti.

***Also note below that proper names will often be used (instead of always ella, nosotros, mí, etc) with your prepositions.

Examples: ¿Me estás hablando a mí? Are you talking to me?

A él le gusta mirar `The Simpsons`. Watching `The Simpsons` is pleasing to him.

Para nosotros es importante estudiar. For us, it is important to study/studying is important.

El regalo es de Lucía. The gift is from Lucía.

¿Quieres ir de compras con nosotros? Do you want to go shopping with us?




* when con is used with or tí, a special construction is formed:

con+mí=conmigo(with me)

con+ti=contigo (with you)

Javier, necesito hablar contigo inmediatamente.

Javier, I need to speak with you immediately.

Anoche en el club un hombre intentó de tiburonear conmigo.

Last night in the club a guy tried to shark with me/ shark me/ pick me up.

**often, phrases consisting of the a + prepositional pronoun are used to emphasize or clarify who the indirect object (recipient) of a sentence is.

Les devolveré los exámenes a ustedes mañana en clase.
I’ll return the exams to you all in class tomorrow.

A mí me encanta el programa `La femme nikita` .
I just love the show `La femme nikita`/ the show is delightful to me.


Just a tip for now (object pronouns will be discussed at a later date):

Prepositional Pronoun Is Paired with the Indirect Object Pronoun
Ti te
Él, ella, usted le
Nosotros/as nos
Vosotros/as os
Ellos, ellas, ustedes les