Grading Criteria for Group Oral Presentations


Spanish 104 A1, C2, PM & 102C – CONNELL


Presentation date: SPA 102C- Tuesday, December 5th & Wednesday, December 6thth, 2000

All SPA 104 Students will be presenting in class on Thursday, December 7th, 2000



As stated in the presentation handout distributed a few weeks earlier, students will be performing in groups of 3-4, but will each be receiving individual grades. Everyone is expected to adequately prepare themselves for the day of presentations by reviewing vocabulary words and phrases, as well as verb tenses pertinent to each of the themes listed on the presentation handout.[ For those doing scripted presentations ( and this applies to SPA 102C students ONLY), everyone is expected to have memorized their lines and be ready to perform for the class using whatever props are necessary].  Students will be graded on the following elements with their corresponding point distribution:




1. Completely comprehensive, very conversational                           15

2. Mostly comprehensible but with some significant errors,

          sometimes too slow/too simple/too below class level              13

3. Mostly incomprehensible; little utilization of elements learned     10

         in class                                                                 

4. Completely incomprehensible                                                      0




1. Well-developed ideas, clear, to the point; long enough                  15

2. Ideas mostly well-developed, fairly clear/relevant; duration ok    13

3. Ideas not well-developed, mostly unclear, hard to follow; meets/ just  

     meets minimum duration requirement                                        10

4. Impossible to follow, lacking clarity; below duration requirement   0




1. Broad in range, precise, well-suited to theme                               10

2. Generally adequate for situation                                                     8

3. Mostly inaccurate or inadequate                                                     5

4.  Completely inaccurate/inadequate, gross misuse                         0


Quality of Interaction/Presentation

1. Very cooperative; efforts contributed to the dynamic of the

     interaction and helped sustain the communication. Success

     of task benefited from interaction.                                               10

2. Demonstrated cooperation and contributed somewhat to

    the interaction. Sometimes let others sustain the conversation.      8

3. Generally uncooperative; little effort shown/made to engage in

    interaction or assist partners; relatively unresponsive to task.        5

4. Complete lack of cooperation or effort to participate; completely

    unresponsive to task. Lack of interaction chipped away at task.     0




The instructor will take notes as both the presentation AND the time- clock  are being observed. For those doing scripted performances, each group must provide the instructor with a TYPED, DOUBLED SPACED copy of the script (all accents typed or handwritten in) so that the instructor may prompt those students who experience occasional trouble with their lines. Any student needing excessive prompting will  be penalized an automatic 50 points for lack of preparation. If caught with a script or cheat sheet of any sort,  50 points will be automatically deducted.  For those doing “impromptu” dialogues, any student caught with a cheat sheet, index card or vocabulary words or phrases written on paper, hats, or their arm(s) will be penalized an automatic 50 points for lack of preparation, and a second –50 points for cheating (which would equal a ZERO).  You have been given sufficient time to prepare, and are encouraged to not attempt any of the previously mentioned actions.


Points for each student, and from each grading category, will totaled and then multiplied by 2, to equal a grade out of 100 points. In the classes which follow the oral presentation, students will receive a personalized sheet with points for each category, and written comments directly pertaining to each of those categories, as relevant to the presentation.


As stated, absence on the day of the oral presentation equals a grade of ZERO. Tardiness will equal a grade of ZERO for those students who are not physically present in class during the time in which his or her group is performing its presentation. If anything remains unclear or if there are any questions, please send an email to or