animated candle PROJECT ONE: EL DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS animated candle

animated candleDUE DATE: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST (IN CLASS)animated candle




1)TOMBSTONES: Using a sheet of posterboard, construct a tombstone. The posterboard should be cut and colored to appear tombstone-like. The tombstone can either be for a famous, deceased Hispanic figure, or can be for yourselves or for someone you know (who is deceased). Obviously , if you do this for yourselves, it does not mean that you plan on dying anytime soon. It is merely to serve as an indication of what you plan to accomplish in the future, and how those accomplishments may be conveyed to others using a tombstone for a medium.

Each tombstone should bear the name of your figure or your individual, the dates of birth and death, as well as an epitaph of sorts. In a handful of sentences, you should summarize, using the past tense (as best as you can), the relatives (parents, husband/wife, kids, etc.) that the individual left behind, as well as give a summary of this persons major contributions to society while alive. You may include an interesting quote of theirs, or a refrain or cliché that the individual was fond of. Tombstones should be decorated accordingly with glitter, paints, black streamers, flowers (real, dried or paper) etc.

NOTE: As mentioned in class, an empty cereal or shoe box (appropriately sized) may be used for the Tombstone Alternative. The boxes should be self-standing, be large enough to hold the necessary written information about the deceased individual, and be decorated properly (See previous description or SEE ME).

2) You may build an ofrenda (click here for holiday and ofrenda info). This ofrenda should be constructed to honor the memory of a deceased individual. You may build the ofrenda to honor a famous Hispanic figure, or you may construct it to honor yourselves or someone you know (who is deceased). The ofrenda should contain photos of the individual, (lighted) candles, flowers, candy/ candy skulls, and any representations of favorite foods or beverages. If you choose this option, then you also have to make a videotape of your ofrenda (for those who have camcorder access), being sure to shoot the ofrenda from several angles so that it may be well-viewed by me, on tape. As you record, you will also have to explain, IN SPANISH, the identity of the individual being honored, his dates of birth and death, and his major contrbutions. You will also have to describe, IN SPANISH, the objects used in the ofrenda, and what they represent (why they are there).


construct an ofrenda-on-wheels. For this option you will have to bring all of your materials to class, and arrange your ofrenda while in class. You will also have to orally inform the class, IN SPANISH, of the identity of the person whom the ofrenda honors, his dates of birth and death, and his major contributions. You will also have to explain, IN SPANISH, the articles used in the ofrenda, and what purpose they serve (why they are there). If you choose this option, please advise me so that I may arrange class time for it. If you do not advise me on or before Thursday, October 24th, then the ofrenda-on-wheels option is no longer available to you.

Students will be graded on: following project directions, overall project appearance, functionality of project (i.e.: if you make a Dancing Skeleton Puppet, it obviously needs to "dance", etc.,as well as timeliness of submission and depth/grammar of written information (where applicable) .


***See me if the instructions or requirements for this assignment (still) remain unclear.***