Time/Date Practice
For each sentence below, write, in Spanish and in a complete sentence, the appropriate hour or date or year indicated. Be sure to specify the part of the day in which the hour falls (morning, afternoon, evening). You should type your answer in the uppermost box, then hit the TAB key. As soon as your cursor leaves an answer box, the correct answer will appear in the box immediately below it. The asterisk erases both answers to allow you to try again. To produce an accented letter, hold down the ALT key while you type in the appropriate ASCII code from the list in the status bar at the bottom of your screen. ¡Buena Suerte!

1. 11:15am

2. 2:05 pm

3. 26/10/00

4. 1/1/99

5. 7:45am

6. 12:00pm

7. 12:00am

8. 5:30pm

9. 1:27am

10. 1:00pm

11. 30/8/74

12. 23/03/55

13. 17/12/80

14. 20/05/41

15. 1703

16. 1333

17. 2001