State University of New York at Buffalo
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Spanish 104 - Spring 2001

I, __________________________, a student in Spanish 104, Section _______, have read and fully understand the Course Requirements as stated in the Main Course Syllabus, drafted by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. I have read and understand the Attendance Policy set forth in the Main Syllabus, as well as the Participation Rubric. In addition, I have also read and understand the policies on Tardiness, Incompletes, Missed Exams or Quizzes, Final Exam Scheduling, and the necessity to submit official Medical or Legal Documentation for each and every absence over my allotted "free" absences.
From reading the Syllabus, I am aware that during the semester I will receive a variety of assignments which may include any or all of the following: Oral Quizzes, Compositions, Web-based Exercises, In-class Dialogues and Oral Presentations, as well as view films in class in the target language and write about them afterwards.

I, _________________________, have also read and understand the policies set forth in the Additional Class Policies link on the class homepage, found at . I understand, and will abide by, the policies regarding Attendance, Tardiness, Make-up Exams and Quizzes, Academic Plagiarism and Insubordination, and will display RESPECT and COMMON COURTESY to both my fellow students and my instructor at all times when in class.
I, ______________________________, also understand that NO EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS will be given during the semester to compensate for a poor or failing grade.
In addition, I am aware that although my instructor holds set office hours on a thrice-weekly basis, I am welcome and encouraged to ask my instructor, if necessary, to schedule meetings or help sessions outside of office hours. In doing so, I know that I am expected to be punctual in arriving for my appointments and to give, when possible, advance notice of any cancellation of appointments. If the need for help sessions is disproportionate to the course level, then I am aware that I may be advised by my instructor to seek assistance from a tutor, and that my instructor will alert the class as a whole to the types of tutoring services available in the University.

I am also aware that I am free to ask my instructor to clarify any points found within the Main Syllabus, Additional Class Policies page  and this Course Agreement before signing and submitting this form. I will ask my questions and voice my concerns in a timely fashion to comply with all course deadlines.

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