Canisius High School                                                                       Español 3

Señorita Connell                                                                            19 diciembre 2002

Outline                                                                                       January Exam




Listening Comprehension section will be given in class on Thursday, January 9, 2003. Make-ups for those students absent on Thursday will be Friday, January 10th during CONSULTATION. Please plan accordingly.


Listening topic: household chores – from your Unit 3 vocab sheet.

PLUS the following phrases (from your textbook):

Lavar los platos- to wash dishes

Hacer la cama- to make the bed

Poner la mesa- to set the table

Barrer el piso- to sweep the floor

Pasar la aspiradora – to vacuum

Cortar el césped- to cut the grass

Sacudir- to dust

Los muebles- the furniture

Vaciar la basura- to empty the trash

Sacar la basura- to take out the trash


Vocabulary: multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank (word bank provided)


Grammar: multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, translation, short reading comprehension,  short writing section


Definite articles (el, la, los, las)

Indefinite articles (un, una, unos, unas)

Adjective/noun agreement (gender & number, i.e.: chicos guapos , chicas bonitas, etc.)

Ser (+ adjective) for description of characteristics, etc. (i.e.: somos altos, soy inteligente)

Estar (+adjective) for description of current health or emotional state, etc. (i.e.: estoy enferma)

Ser vs Estar (remember SCORN  ETHEL)

Present progressive (-ando, -iendo, -yendo)

Ir+a+verb – to indicate future activity (i.e.: vamos a estudiar esta noche)

Ir+a+destination (i.e.: voy al parque )

Reflexive verbs (me, te, se, nos, os, se)

Reflexive vs non-reflexive concepts ( i.e.: me lavo  vs.  lavo mi coche)

Stem changing verbs : eàie, eài , oàue , uàue

Acabar+de+verb  to discuss recently completed activity

Present subjunctive – regular verbs

Present subjunctive – SIDES & haber (haya)

Present subjunctive of –gar, -car, -zar verbs (-gue, -que, -ce)