Italian I

Listening Section Outline



Information to review/study:     


·       Fare expressions

·       Avere expressions

·       Seasons

·       Days of the week/months of the year

·       The verb essere

·       Adjectives: “alto” to “vecchio” Packet 1 (Capitolo 1)  p. 41

·       Greetings/salutations/expressions: “a domani” to “Sto male”. Also in Packet 1 (Capitolo 1) p. 41

·       -Are / -Ere verbs “ascoltare” to “viaggiare” (know how they are conjugated) Packet 3 (Capitolo 3) p.83


Section types:


·       Short answer based on descriptive information heard

·       Select picture or pictures which exemplify a situation being described

·       Original questions: write short responses to questions posed directly to YOU

·       Dictation