Mid-term exam:

This exam is cumulative. You can expect to see the following topics on the mid-term:



months of the year

Definite articles                                 

prepositions (a, di, in, per)

Indefinite articles                               

Interrogatives (question words)       

telling time

C’č vs.  ci sono

Present tense verb endings for –are, -ere, and –ire verbs

Adjectives – gender and number agreement between them and the nouns they modify

Avere and essere – conjugations              

Avere expressions                                      

Days of the week                              


The irregular verbs andare, uscire, venire*                  

vocabulary (to be specified at a later date)


* time permitting after the Break


The listening comprehension section will be short and completed  in class before the day of the exam.  You will be informed of the date for the Listening Section when classes resume after the Break. You can also expect to see a short reading comprehension section as well as a short writing section on the mid-term exam. Topics for all three will be discussed more thoroughly after the Holiday break.