My Favorite Trip/Photo Album Project: Project #4

Worth 100 points

Project Summary:

You are to prepare a project about your favorite trip (real or imagined). You are to construct a photo album with photos  (or clippings from magazines/travel brochures/internet if the trip is fictional). Each photo or clipping should be accompained by 3 - 5 sentences in Spanish, identifying what happened/was happening in the photo, etc.

1.   You MUST title your project "Album de Fotos de Mi Viaje a _____".

2.   You MUST have 6-10 photos/clippings inside.

3.   You MUST accompany each photo with a descriptive paragraph in Spanish (3 - 5 sentences).

4.   You must discuss the following parts of your trip in your project:

6. You MUST use correct spelling & grammar: use past tenses (preterite & imperfect) whether the trip was real or fictional.

7. It must be neatly done, nicely organized, and creatively presented-- this is supposed to be a PHOTO ALBUM, so make it look like one! (You may use a real album, a butterfly-clasp folder, a plastic report cover with hard plastic spine, folded and decorated construction paper and/or oaktag  etc.)

 It is recommended that you begin your project early so that if there are any problems or difficulties, you have time to seek my help. If you procrastinate and then experience difficulties at the last minute, your chances of being helped are less promising.

~See handout distributed in class for further project information.~