Here are the key combinations so that you do not need to hand-write your accent marks onto your papers when typing out compositions:

é = alt+130 ñ= alt+0241 á=alt+160
í=alt+161Ñ= alt+165 ó=alt+162
ú= alt+163 É=alt+144 ¿=alt+168
¡=alt+173 ü= alt+129 Ü= alt+154
Á= alt+0193 Í=alt +0205 Ó= alt+0211
Ú= alt+0218

*Don’t forget that on most computers, if you hit Ctrl + ’ + vowel, that will also give you accented vowels! * (control apostrophe vowel)

**Obvious tip : remember that no matter which option you choose, the ALT key must be held down while entering in the series of ASCII codes (number codes) , or the CONTROL key must be held down while hitting the Apostrophe and vowel keys!

***I'm sorry to say that these codes will only work for machines using a Windows platform. For those of you who are Mac users, consult your Help menu (type in `accentuation` or `accent codes` for a listing of appropriate key combinations).