State University of New York at Buffalo

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures


Fall 2000

Instructor: Ellen Connell Office Hours: MWF 9-9:50am , W 5:30-6:15pm


Office: 934 Clemens Hall



Spanish 104 is a one semester review course of the material covered in 101-102 for students who have had Spanish before but are not quite ready for a second year of Spanish.

TEXTO: Puentes 2nd ed. Marinelli, Mujica Laughlin

CUADERNO: Puentes 2nd ed. Marinelli, Mujica Laughlin, Swender

*Cassette tapes to accompany the Lab portion are included with the textbook.


Prepare for class each day by looking ahead at the grammar, vocabulary, and ‘actividades’ in the chapter.

Homework is centered on the Workbook and Lab Manual. Parts of the homework are designed to be used in conjunction with the tapes. Students must self-correct with red pen those portions of your homework for which answers are provided. All homework will be turned in to the instructor at the beginning of class on the due date.

Late homework will be accepted one day late for a reduced grade. Bring the workbook to class. Additional homework will be assigned by the instructor such as compositions, grammar exercises, and web based exercises.

Homework will be graded on evident effort, accuracy of self-correction, legibility, and overall quality of written work.

When required to write an essay in the workbook, write 6-8 well written, original sentences.

NO ‘extra credit’ work will be given to improve grades.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is required. You are allowed 3 absences for the course without being penalized. For each absence beyond the 3 allowed your final grade will drop one letter grade. Only documented excuses will be accepted in order to remove an absence mark. The documentation is due no later than one week after the absence.

After 10 undocumented absences you will receive an automatic F in the course.

Attendance means attentiveness, cooperation, and active participation in class.

Students are responsible for the material covered and the homework assigned on the day/s they are absent.

Tardiness will be penalized. Once class has started, late comers are not welcomed into the classroom.

Do NOT call the Department office to report that you will not be in class. In case students need to contact their instructor, they have offices in Clemens Hall and mailboxes in 910 Clemens or you can send them an e-mail.


Grades are computed as follows:

Exams: 35%
Oral Presentations/Compositions: 20%
Homework: 15%


Participation/ Attendance: 15%

There will be 5 unit tests as indicated on the syllabus. They will include listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.

Absolutely NO make-ups for missed quizzes or exams!

Final Exam:

There will be a cumulative final exam (200 points) that will be held during the Final Exam Week (December 11-18). If you are making travel plans take this into account.

The deadline to notify instructors of final exam scheduling conflicts will be November 6, 2000.

Students with a total average of A (see grading scale below) will be exempt from the final exam. Students will be notified of exemption on December 7, 2000.

Students must present their student identification card before taking the final exam. Students who fail to bring their ID to the exam will not receive an examination.

No make-up final exam will be given due to travel plans.

Grading Scale:

94-100% A 77-79% C+

90-93% A-

73-76% C
87-89% B+ 70-72% C-
83-86% B 69-65% D

80-82% B-

64 and lower F

The grade of incomplete will be given only to students who for some documented reason have been unable to complete the course requirements and have at least a passing grade up to the point where they could not complete the requirements.

No incomplete will be given to substitute for a poor or failing grade.

IMPORTANT: If you begin to experience inordinate difficulty with the class, or have issues regarding the class that you want to discuss, please let the instructor know as soon as possible. If notifying the instructor does not seem appropriate, seek assistance promptly from the Spanish Language Program Director. If you wait until the end of the semester the possibilities of being helped are less promising.

Note: Dates indicated on the syllabus are subject to change.


State University of New York at Buffalo

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures


Fall 2000

Course Syllabus

Puentes 2nd ed

Capítulo Preliminar

Aug 28

Capítulo 1

Aug 30-Sept 6

Capítulo 2

Sept 7-13

Examen 1

Sept 14

Capítulo 3

Sept 18-25

Capítulo 4

Sept 27-Oct 2

Examen 2

Oct 4

Capítulo 5

Oct 5-12

Capítulo 6

Oct 16-23

Examen 3

Oct 25

Capítulo 7

Oct 26-Nov 6

Capítulo 8

Nov 8-15

Examen 4

Nov 20

Capítulo 9

Nov 16-Dec 4

Examen 5

Dec 6

Listening Comprehension Final/Repaso

Dec 7

Examen Final

Dec 11-18